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Zapping: Penguin Most Wanted: Crime

A página da Penguin dedicada à literatura policial.

«Crimewriting Rules, OK…
Part one.

One of the problems writers of crime fiction must deal with is that to speak of ‘crime writers’ – or ‘romantic novelists’ or ‘writers of science fiction’ or, simply, ‘genre’ – hints at limitation. And all too often, this limitation is thought to lie in the general assumption (which is generally true) that crime fiction’s main purpose is to entertain.

All fiction seeks to be entertaining, I suppose, but there’s a distinct notion that genre fiction stops there: that entertainment is its be-all. The larger problem is that because crime fiction is sometimes thought of in this way, it’s easy for the best in the genre to be judged – in general terms – by the standards of the worst. In truth, of course, ‘crime-writer’ no more sums up the individual novelist in terms of ability than the term ‘suburban housewife’ tells us all we need to know about the hidden lives of millions of women.
por David Lawrence

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